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4.5 Million People Enter Apple Yearly


5 e59th crazy renderings

A True Blank Canvas On 5th Ave


Top Photographed Location in the World 

Instagram 5e59

From Forbes: “Once in a while you come across a piece of information that is shocking at first blush, and then makes eminent sense as soon as it sinks in. According to TechNews Daily, “Researcher Eric Fischer mapped and analyzed millions of photos on flicker that were taken throughout the city and looked at their geo-tagged information — such as time and date they were shot –to determine patterns of interest.” Topping the list: Apple‘s 5th Avenue store.

It’s glass cube is undoubtedly iconic but at the end of the day it’s “just” a store… and it comes out ahead of Rockefeller Center, Columbus Circle and Times Square! To be fair, 5th Ave. & 59th St. is a location with tons of tourist traffic, and striking architecture is a photo magnet.”

Apple Store - Instagram - 04-16-15