Former Playboy Club

Playboy Club Image 5 east 59th StreetNYC Former Playboy Club

WNBC’s The Playboy Club has me a bit nostalgic for a bit of NYC history that may be long forgotten (if ever realized!) by many of the City’s current inhabitants. Hard to believe but from 1962 to 1973 in a now unremarkable structure  lying in the shadows of the Fifth Ave. Apple Store was one of the most iconic Playboy Clubs in the world.


The space was a glamourousmulti-story “private club” complete with a spirally entrance staircase behind two story glass.  The restaurant was very popular with sports figures, celebrities,  businessmen wielding hefty expense accounts.. and for good reason!    Key Holders  were attended to and waited on by sexy “bunnies” – sultry young women attired in form fitting, low cut one piece revealing costumes not much more and perhaps a lot less than bathing suits of the era.  Accessories included bunny ears, cuffs, bow tie collars and the requisite cotton tail– adorable, witty, sexy and sexist…but fun!

Deborahharry[1] copy

Famous former Bunnies include Blondie’s Deborah Harry (pictured), Feminist Gloria Steinem (she wrote a scathing expose for Show Magazine!) and former super model Lauren Hutton.